Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First test in STAAD

To explore the set up of the new process, we tested a basic hexagon dome structure, parametrically built in GC, on structural performance in STAAD. The results are clear.

the tension is obvious caused by the horizontal thrust, which would be most efficiently translated into vertical forces bij tension ring(s) in regular dome structures.. So the hexagonal grid automatically divides these forces among its members on the spot where its needed.

blue: compression
red: tension
supprt/load conditions: simple pinned supports and a 1 N/m2 load

the deflection is very clearly demonstrated in this movie:

next steps:
  • exploring radiolarian skeletons (relation between their shape and forces acting on them)
  • defining approach
  • modelling a new parametric model according to approach
  • testing, analysing different configurations
  • genetic optimization loop
get back to you soon..