Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Test phase 3

Wow, it is a bumpy ride I must admit!
I just generated a population called generation 0.
I realized after a few hours of breeding, saving, pasting, generating, that the GC file was a bit expired.

I've tried to generate a population for an updated combined configuration (see image below) too, but this didnt work, because the GA has to change first to get that properly done (and i'm not able to do this myself yet)

After an inner discussion I've decided to keep these results and finishing the GA process with them soon. These structures, are all squeezed (see image below). So it wont be possible to construct a facade with only these types of panels. I decided to calculate a few types of the stretched out panels (image below), manually in STAAD-Pro. Because I'm interested in the different structural behaviour of these two types.

configuration of squeezed panel

configuration of stretched panel

Note: Together these two types of panels could form a continuous surface (facade).

configuration of combined panel

I considered to calculate these kind of combined panels before, but I guess that the option of either squeezed and streched panels will work better structurally because they are more symmetrical than this example.

Of course, a radial structure will be the best, taking in consideration the nature of most radiolarian skeletons, but for this course I stick to these panels. It is a more zoomed in approach. So not a complete radiolarian, but a part of it.

Below you see stretched and squeezed panels forming a continuous surface. I prefer the lower one, because the grid is in the same direction.

continuous surface sketch