Monday, February 9, 2009

Some more explaination about my topic

Okay, today is the day of the presentations, which i could't join because of the wedding of my little sister! It was a beautiful day.. but I regret that I couldn't get feed back on my proposal of course.

I will give some more explaination to my proposal here>>

I strarted to make a quick overview of what kind of structures we can find in nature and in architecture. I've tried to link the types of structures to each other in order to find the most interesting structures to be used as input and output in my research.

I've decided, based on this schedule, to use bone structures as a starting point to do research about. Because, according to my opinion, they are the most suitable and interesting natural structures to be used as a basis for the translation process into an architectural load bearing structure.

Of course there exist a wide range of bone structures, I wanted to specify my research to one kind of bone srructure. In my search for literature I bumped, among other things into: biological structures, bone structures, molecular cell biology and micro biology. The micro biology intrigued me! Looking further into that, I discovered microscopic prints of silicium bone structures of radiolarians. These ar one cell organisms with mineral skeletons to protect them selves. This is a, by the humans eye, invisible world of beautiful structures, created by evolution with an exeptional wide range of variety.

This is a picture of only a few SEM scans of radiolarians.

Using this subject as foundation for my research, I stated the following main research question:

Is it possible to design a tool to translate input retreived from the silicium bone structure of radiolarians into an architectural load bearing structure?

points of attention are:
  • What exactly are the differences between those two structures?
i.e. Architectural structures require resistancy against forces of gravity, wind loads, they need to be made out of an other material and we need some sort of components to be able to build it.
  • Do I need to simplify the input? And in which way?
3-d or 2-d, only the main structure? This part needs some more research about radiolarians!

  • HOW can I get a usefull input? and: HOW could I make a tool?? Which software would be suitable??
  • On which subjects will I criticize my output?
i.e. construction analysis, architectural/spatial quality, potential to apply it in a realistic way in architecture! Can it be build? What are the options and possibilities?

I also add a scheme I've made about te cicle of research I want to go on during this course.

This is an interesting reference project of P.L. Nervi. He based the design of the Palazetto dello Sport in Rome on a crustacean (schaaldier).

Presentation of Research Proposal

Dear Students and Teachers,

I posted my presentation about the following subject on blackboard at Groups - File exchange.

"Is it possible to translate a micro structure into an architectural (bearing) structure, using a designed tool"

I'm looking forward to a discussion about my topic later this week and am open to all suggestions or critics.
Tomorrow I will update this blog according to my presentation.

Maria Vera