Thursday, February 12, 2009

Research on radiolarians & GC sketching

Today I've decided on how to start my project. This concerns 1| deeper research on radiolarians and 2| practice modelling in Generative Components.

1| Research on radiolarians

I will be focussing on the growing process of radiolarians and the specific constructional aspects of their skeletons in order to decide on the input of my research.

  • Inventory of different radiolarians. Which type has the most potential to be transformed into a building structure?
  • Analysis of this specific structure. What is the exact shape? (modelling in G.C.)
  • How did this skeleton grow? (link to production process of the architectural construction)
  • What different functions do the features of the skeleton fulfil? (are these functions also to be applied on a building structure? what modifications have to be made?)
2| Studying G.C.
I will be trying to model a simple radiolarion structure in G.C. in order to get used to the software and get aware of the possibilities. Later on I will make a link to the structural capacities of the results with the help of Diana.

some other examples of radiolarians (art forms in nature (1898): E. Haeckel)