Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Proposal of type 2: Lampromitra (nassellaria)

Second proposal of a specific type to be further examined in my research

The last two days I'm trying to get in touch with an expert in this field (radiolaria). I've found some people doing research about topics like sponges, foraminifera or other protista. I will might visit Naturalis in Leiden next week, to see some real tests of protista and speak to an expert in sponges. I will revise my hypothesis in the weekend. From tomorrow 14:00 untill friday I will be in the faculty participating the 23-hours-workshop Built in Emotion.

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  1. Hi Maria,

    the mateiral you gathered and looked into about growth and different types of organisms looks good and is providing some answers I think. I think it is important though to keep the link to what you want to learn from the study in respect to an architectural proposal, such as how are these forms generated, what use do they have, what principles are inherent in them (such as the spiral) that maybe applicable at all scales.
    So I would recommend to keep these questions in mind in meetings and document any leads you come across (as you are doing already)

    My main concern is still that copying the aesthetic qualities of theses very small skeletons has little meaning for architectural structures if one does not understand what aspects scale well, both purely structurally but also from perspective of how to construct them efficiently (which may not be immediately possible but an approach maybe develop how to if other reason justify it)
    Making a first set of geometric models would be really helpful
    an example of the use of a logarithmic spiral in architecture is the learnign center by grimshaw in the eden project - a small drawing of it here

    I hope it helps