Thursday, February 12, 2009

Research on radiolarians & GC sketching

Today I've decided on how to start my project. This concerns 1| deeper research on radiolarians and 2| practice modelling in Generative Components.

1| Research on radiolarians

I will be focussing on the growing process of radiolarians and the specific constructional aspects of their skeletons in order to decide on the input of my research.

  • Inventory of different radiolarians. Which type has the most potential to be transformed into a building structure?
  • Analysis of this specific structure. What is the exact shape? (modelling in G.C.)
  • How did this skeleton grow? (link to production process of the architectural construction)
  • What different functions do the features of the skeleton fulfil? (are these functions also to be applied on a building structure? what modifications have to be made?)
2| Studying G.C.
I will be trying to model a simple radiolarion structure in G.C. in order to get used to the software and get aware of the possibilities. Later on I will make a link to the structural capacities of the results with the help of Diana.

some other examples of radiolarians (art forms in nature (1898): E. Haeckel)

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  1. Hi Maria.
    Sounds good. Tomorrow afternoon please bring the hypothesis you are starting from (your starting point), the problem statement you are working on, the final research question you formulated about it, the methodology you planned and are following for your research work, the results you want to achieve (is that a digital tool/process? Or what else?) . A final synthesis of them should be posted on the blog.
    NB: You can use your blog daily – just post here every thoughts and progress, even if still partial. However I think you are successfully working till now.
    Please, if you already have them, tomorrow bring also your GC file. And as soon as you can post your first discussion on the parameterization process you are working on: how are you defining your independent parameters? What are the criteria you are following to build the relationships among entities in your parametric model? As you might have already noticed, even once decided what to do (i.e. in your case working on radiolarians’ geometry and growing process/structural performances) you still have a lot of different possible ways to set you parametric model. Discussing this issue is one of your important next stages.
    See you tomorrow, Michela