Thursday, February 5, 2009

week 1

My focus of interest is:

The potential of natural structures within building design concepts and construction systems.

Research proposal:


1| literature research on natural structures (cell structures & flora phenomena)
2| analyze the structures and formulate (new) hypothesis
3| design scripts in GC to apply on digital units
4| build an architectural structure using the script
5| test the results according to the hypothesis
6| try another structure and repeat cycle from step 2.


  1. That's a fairly good start, Maria. Your topic is still quite broad, but your research plan is clear. The research question you've posed -
    "Are natural structures sufficient enough to be applied into an INTERESTING(?) building system?" (if I've read it correctly) - still needs to be clarified even before you formulate any hypotheses regarding particular solutions or types of solutions. More specifically, the terms "sufficient" and "interesting" have to be fleshed out so as to let us (and yourself) know more about how you might evaluate the "sufficiency" and "interestingness" of any proposed design/solution.

    Please try to address this and post something on it for feedback before completing your presentation for the next class.


  2. hi maria,

    as an abstract structure of how to go about your project it is good to list theses steps, but it is important to choose a context or problem area you would like to work on to guide your review of natural structures, otherwise it is too open.
    ALso it is good to see you intend to work with scripts in GC, but again without a problem definition it is not clear what computational model would make sense to develop and what software context maybe be most suitable.
    For instance what aspect of cell structures inspires you with respect to buildings? Is it the growth of cells in response to their environment? Is it the ability to adapt a base cell unit to different conditions based on where this cell is within an living structure (maybe relating to your idea of digital units in GC)
    Your proposal should get much more specific for Mondays presentation.

    Best, Axel