Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New GC model

I've decided to model one module in GC.
I want to use my basic idea, but the lines of the grid should all be splines, in order to get a fluent tessellation. I will script a relatively simple hexagon script to add the tesselation to the grid. (see image).
Tomorrow I will talk to Fred Veer (ir. TU Delft) about the possibilities of glass beams as structural elements.

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  1. I have see your GC file corresponding to these sketches - sounds quite good. Post some material also about that if you can - and move on one step, coming into posting also the architectural shape: what is this? A portion of a pavilion, of a facade, of a roof, of a dome, half of an arch like structure..what? This will lead you to define/understand the structural aspects (where does it touches the ground? What does it carry? And so on) you are going to set and then analyse in Diana as next step. By tomorrow this part should be set in order to start the further step of your process. Michela