Friday, March 20, 2009

Test phase 4 - Genetic Optimisation of structure

Today and yesterday i've been randomly creating generation 0 of panels (see image of screen shot below) and breeding the 1st generation based on the best ranked members of generation 0.

Peter von Buelow ( ) has guided me intensively during this process. The constantly adjusted parameters of the members are being generated by his Genetic Algorithm linked to a customized website (image below). The website makes it possible to download a datafile, which can be read by GC. The dxf file of the panel is then loaded in the Finite Element software STAAD-Pro, which optimizes the construction applying different sizes of steel tubes. It calculates the total weight of the structure and the ratio of structural performance. This output is uploaded to the website again, which will visualize the new best ranked members.
This optimization loop can be repeated untill the results approach an optimum according to the previously defined criteria.

Link to the GC-GA Population website:

screen shot of breeding website white= gen 0, grey=gen 1

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