Thursday, March 5, 2009

Component Design - First test phase

For the first Diana (structural performance) calulation, I took the GC model as one complete slab. (as the "big component" variant in sketch below) supported in the 4 corners (two with a role and two pinned)

comments on Diana results:
I will have to adjust the sizes in GC. because now the model was randomly created. (about 12 mm height!)I adjusted some values in Diana in order to get a bit more realistic results without starting all over again.
The results are based on the following values in Diana for now:
  1. N and meters (this is a bit unlogical, but a quick temporary solution, it should be N and mm next time)
  2. the height of the structure in Diana is 12 meter (too big, should be about 3 meter next time)
  3. The materialization of the structure are all equal solid round glass beams with a diameter of 0,1meter. to start with a reference. I would like to test it for example glass tube system of steel to compare it later on. I also have to look into glass properties, the get to know what the max stress levels are for solid glass without failure.

Next week, when I'm in Eindhoven for the WAAS workshop, I will try to get more input and some progress of my project there. The topic is related, so may be it is an opportunity to work ahead. while being there.. But I dont really know what to expect yet.

Because I won't be able to work with Diana for the next 9 days due to licence problems, I would like to try setting up the GC loop sytem in the evening hours, after the workshop. But I have to discuss the feasibility with my tutors.


I'm focussing now on a simpified planar facade component to start the testing in Diana tomorrow.
For the first structural analysis, I'm planning to use hollow glass beams and standard joints.

I still have to decide on a scenario to chose

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