Sunday, March 15, 2009

Second test phase

Currently I'm working on setting up the genetic algorithm to optimize the structure and linking this to the structural performance software Staad-pro and to Generative Components aswell.
Peter von Buelow who designed the GA tool, helps me to set up this optimization loop.

  • What is a Genetic Algorithm?

During the initialization phase a population is
randomly created. This concerns the results of combining all possible values of the variables.

During the selection phase, a number of criteria have to be defined. The algorithm will test each member of the population on this criteria (fitness based process).

During the repoduction phase, the selected members of the solution population will be recombined (mutated) to breed a second generation.

The result of reproduction phase is repeated untill it is terminated mainly because 1:
a solution is found that satisfies minimum criteria, 2: successive iterations no longer produce better results

What is the complete process of this course?

  1. Analysing radiolarian skeleton
  2. Extracting basic principles
  3. Designing a simplified prototype structure
  4. Defining the variables/criteria
  5. Modelling the structure in Generative Components
  6. Link data of variables via excel to Genetic Algorithm tool
  7. Execute optimization loop as in next scheme:
  8. Integrate the result of loop in design
  9. Test hypothesis
  10. Repeat cycle

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